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Ragi Flour

Weight: 1000g

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Pure and fine quality of traditionally processed Ragi Flour.



We use Special quality of Nati Ragi ( not hybrid one ) which is procured from selected area / belt where crops are grown in specific soil / segment.And these special raw materials are floured using traditional “Stone Grounded Flouring” Method. this method has following advantages :

1) Without Overheating of Flour : Flour would not get overheated unlike flouring using Blade machine ( Flour loses its natural properties if overheated ).

2) Retains Fiber : Even Fiber / Bran also crushed into thin flour which increases nutrition value.

3) Natural Taste and Flavor : Traditionally processed flours give natural taste and Flavor.

4) Self-Life : Traditionally processed flour has increased Self-life hence not adding any preservatives.

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Weight 1000 g


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